About One Plus 3 Specifications

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About One Plus 3 Specifications

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On paper this phone has a respectable balance of specs. The 5.5” display is a 1080p AMOLED panel, more on the screen a bit later in this review. Below the screen we’ve got a snappy always-on fingerprint sensor which doubles as the home button, and above the screen you’ll find the 8MP front facing camera.
The OP3 comes with a Snapdragon 820 to power the device, and it is nice using the current loa array top of the line chipset from Qualcomm here. This powerful chipset is backed up by 6GB of RAM which you can’t quite really use all of, and 64GB of built in storage. There’s a dual sim card tray, but no microSD card expansion.

That rear camera bulge holds a 16MP camera with OIS, which we’ll also detail later on in this review.

Along with the shrink in case thickness, the battery also shrinks to 3000mAh from last year’s 3300Ah. It’s not too upsetting a compromise though as this is a more power efficient processor, and this battery capacity still keeps pace with most flagship phones released this year. OnePlus was early to the USB Type C game, and now adds their own flavor of fast charging to the mix. A proprietary “Dash” charger and USB cable are in the box.
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